My name is Eric ‘Ollie’ Johnson and I am the proprietor of Olllietrollie. I am a D.C. native, born and raised in the nation’s capital.

I draw inspiration from the art, culture, architecture and historical landscapes that adorn the District of Columbia to create a unique aesthetic in design. Skateboarding culture is my second greatest influence, hence my moniker ‘Ollie.’

I obtained a degree in design from the Art Institute of California, but my style is largely self-taught and my career is self-motivated. I have focused my talents on print and graphic reproduction design. In the process I have built ten years of employment experience in screen printing, large format, industrial signage and commercial reproduction graphics facilities.

My daily life is design. I live it. I breathe it. I consume it. I surround myself in design every day. When I’m not on my computer immersed in visual design, I’m immersed in web design and development languages. When I’m not in front of a computer, I’m out investing in the healthy development of youth in my community through skateboarding programs.